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1. My doctor says I have a hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Can I use this book or will the recipes cause my blood sugar to go crazy?

It is important to recognize that Eating for Energy is in no way a cure for hypoglycemia, diabetes, or any other condition or disease.  However, the material covered in the book can definitely assist in controlling your blood sugar levels and in preventing other diseases from arising in the first place.  The vast majority of the recipes in the book are low to medium on the glycemix index.  They have been designed in such a way that will help stabilize your blood sugar.


2. Is this book suitable for diabetics, cardiovascular or cancer patients, and people with other diseases?

Again, be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other dietary program.  This book is by no means meant to be a cure for specific disease conditions.  However, because this book shows you how to eat natural whole foods your body and health can only improve.  Many readers have had success in stabilizing and recovering from a number of illnesses and diseases.


3. Do I need a lot of appliances to prepare the recipes in the book?  How much time will the recipes take to prepare?

The only appliances you need to prepare all the recipes in this book include a blender, afood processor, and a juicer.  If you don't have one or more of these small appliances, then you can still enjoy the majority of the easy to prepare recipes in Eating for Energy.

The 120 recipes in this book take no more than 15 minutes to prepare!  I realize that most people don't have time to enjoy elaborate meals that take 30 minutes or more to prepare.  The recipes in Eating for Energy are simple, time effective, and delicious!


4. How do I receive the Eating for Energy (and the bonuses) once I purchase?

When you order Eating for Energy you will receive an email from Total Wellness Consulting with the link (and password) to download the ebook.  Simply click on the link and your ebook will begin to download onto your hard drive.  Then, when you've opened the ebook (PDF) you'll be prompted to enter the password which was given to you in the original email.

This email will also contain the links that will enable you download your FREE bonuses. 

Be sure to adjust your spam filters so that our emails can get through to your inbox.


5. Will I lose weight by following the recommendations in this book?

It depends.  If you follow the 12-week meal plan to a tee then your body will likely find its ideal weight.  The wonderful thing about eating more raw foods is that they help your body get back to where it is supposed to be.  Therefore, if your body knows that it has to lose 20 lbs it will do so on a raw food diet.  But keep in mind that the results you experience will totally depend on your commitment to eating well and leading an active lifestyle. 

The most common experiences people report to us by following Eating for Energy are weight loss and a dramatic improvement in their energy levels and health status!


6. What if I want to gain weight/muscle?

You can!  The only difference is that you'll need ensure that you get plenty of calories from our delicious and nourishing recipes.  Because the recipes in book are based on natural foods, they tend to be lighter (less calories).  By simply eating more of these healthy foods and following a properly prescribed strength training program you can definitely create a strong and muscled body!


7. How can I tell if something is a raw/living food?

A food is raw/living if it's in its natural state.  It has not been packaged, processed, cooked, boiled, steamed, boxed, preserved, deep fried, or subjected to other conventional treatments.  Many nuts and seeds can be raw but not necessarily living since they contain enzyme inhibitors.  Once they have been soaked/sprouted (don't worry - this is described in the book) they then spring back to life as their enzyme inhibitors become de-activated. 


8. Will I get enough protein by eating more raw foods?

This is a very common question.  The answer is YES!

The WHO (World Health Organization) says humans need about 5% of their daily calories to come from protein to be healthy. The USDA puts this figure at 6.5%. On average, fruits have about 5% of their calories from protein. Vegetables have from 20-50% of their calories from protein.

Sprouted seeds, beans, and grains contain from 10-25% of their calories from protein. So if you are eating any variety of living plant foods, you are getting more than adequate protein. Numerous scientific studies have shown the daily need for protein to be about 25-35 grams per day. So if you ate 2,000 calories per day, and ate raw plant foods that had an average of 10% of their calories from protein, you would get 200 calories worth of protein, or 50 grams. This is more than adequate to support optimal well-being.

Other studies have shown that heat treating a protein (such as with cooking) makes about half of it unusable to the human body. So raw plant food protein is even a better source than cooked plant foods or animal foods. There is still a huge, foolish, misguided idea that plant protein is not "complete". This is based on studies done on rats in the 1940's. This false conclusion was drawn before we discovered the bodies protein recycling mechanism and its ability to "complete" any amino acid mix from our bodies amino acid pool, no matter what the amino acid composition of a meal consumed. This false idea is still perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries, in an attempt to influence people to continue consuming their truly health destroying products.








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