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Your book is helping me change The way I look at my choice of foods for better…..

Hi Yuri! I Am a busy working single Mom and I have not finished reading all the book. I bought your book initially not for me but because I was looking to help my cousin who has been diagnosed with cancer, and your recipes have helped very much!

I did The 5 Day Rapid results and the first two days I was in a very grumpy mood, honestly… But third day was great! I started to feel lighter and so on, today in my fourth week, I Am not doing it exactly by the book but I Am actually getting good results in my body and skin.

I have lost 1 kg, and my belly is looking better! I do Pilates 5times a week. Your book is helping me change The way I look at my choice of foods for better and my 4 year old daughter is also learning with me, my daughter is eating more fruits in the morning and snacks and vegetables, some lightly cooked to soften them and eating much less refined products.

– Judith

Could not be happier with my results and encourage anyone to give it a go…..

My name is Helen and Ive been on the eating for energy program for about 3 weeks now and have lost 6 kilos but that's just an added bonus, I went on the program to sort out my health I had been very ill and looks like I had ulcers as well as fatty liver the pain and the throwing up have completely stopped and I may soon be able to reduce my diabetic medication so could not be happier with my results and encourage anyone to give it a go. feel more alive and energetic than I have in an absolute age


The benefits have been nothing short of amazing.

Within 3 week I have gone from 87Kg to 82Kg. I have dropped sugar, bread, refined grains and milk from my diet. I now only drink water, coconut water and fresh veggie juice.

I feel clear headed and no longer feel bloated or tired all the time. I even seem to recover better from my runs.

If I didn't come across this program, I would still be stuck in the same food traps and feeling unhappy with my health.




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