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I recently found out about eating for energy & I’ve tried it it, love it & love it!

This’s some of the reasons why. Before I found out about Yuri's amazing work, helping people like me & tons of others to live a healthy& fit life.

I was really running on empty & drinking tons of coffee just to get me through d day. Never knew I was doing a whole lot of damage to my body.well, thanks to Yuri..I’ve stop drinking coffee. It's funny because, my husband 've tried time & time again to help me quit drinking coffee, all to no avail.

He’s not only excited for me, but proud of me for quitting & stopping for good, I eat 70-80% raw veggies & take fruits juice every single day, my energy's up to the roof! Thank u Yuri. – Helyn

I look and feel better than before…..

After been on the program, “Eating For Energy” for 3 weeks, I have lost about 2 kgs around my waist, my skin looks much smoother and healthier, I have noticed my energy level has stayed constant throughout the whole day.

I look and feel better than before. Even my partner says I look much healthier my face looks younger. -Shane

I value the comprehensive approach-It's all connected…..

The exercise, nutrition, mental aspects, how the body processes the food, how the body responds to different exercises, the importance of sleep, meditation, knowing what causes the plateaus

My sleep has improved greatly It's much easier to put my socks on! (Important when you're in a public locker room) My performance in workouts is steadily improving Getting positive comments about my appearance Clothes fit better Very optimistic about the direction I'm heading – Bill

You have changed my life, so a big Irish hug for you…..

My background is that I'm returning to health and fitness after a serious neck injury brought on from normal wear and tear. I was on huge doses of nerve blockers and pain killers and spent the best part of a year asleep. I had surgery which was a complete success and am off all meds.

But my energy was depleted and I was carrying a lot of weight. I managed to shift a lot of the weight but am driven mad with injury with ITB, shin splints and ankles. That's how I found you and you have changed my life, so a big Irish hug for you. I did the eating for energy and there is a big improvement but I'm still not there yet.

At the moment I'm in week 4 of AAS and the middle of week 2 belly fat diet. I am eating raw for 6 weeks and have lost 2 lbs!! But my shape has changed so will keep ploughing on. My energy is improving every day so with that and loosing the last 7 lbs I have so much to thank you for. Loved the sexy back stuff but didn't get to hear your one! – Margaret



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