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Thank you so much for your book, because it has made meal time a joy…..

She's 25 years old and was working as a “psychisch somatisch fysiotherapeut”. I'm not sure how to say that in English. (We live in the Netherlands). Because of this she developed an allergic reaction to almost all foods except fruit, uncooked vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It took us 5 weeks to find out what she could eat and then we were desperate to find some kind of guidance in helping us to discover the possibilities for her to have delicious meals. It was a new area for us both. Needless to say I joined her in her eating patterns.

I'd been looking for guidance on YouTube and internet. Every meal took hours looking for information to eat something different and delicious. Since I work full time and my daughter has a burn out, this took precious time.

Finally I came across your offer and I don't even remember where or how. I know I bought the information immediately and downloaded the book. Since then meal time has become a pleasure.

You're recipes are delicious, they are easy to make. They don't take much time and they have an infinite variety covering all the different aspects of meals (soups and desserts as well) and even a cake. We've begun experimenting ourselves depending on the ingredients I happen to have available.

Thank you so much for your book, because it has made meal time a joy. No longer is my daughter afraid to eat, fearing the allergenic reactions she got. No longer do I spend a lot of precious time seeking something new to eat to make mealtime enjoyable instead of something that has to be done.

Even my husband joins us in eating the meals you have published in your book. But he still eats meat and potatoes with it.

– Metty

I love the book, very simple and easy to read.

Since I started having a green smoothie in the morning, I cannot having none during the day, or I feel less energetic. I'm not on raw 100% probably 70%. I feel stressed sometimes to cook for the family, it would be easier if all of them want to eat raw too, but it is manageable.

I stopped dairy products, and oh my gosh, If I'm out of almond milk and I take cow's milk, I get stomach aches and feel tired. it is like my body already adjusted to the new lifestyle.

The weight loss, well, I do not gain, but I do not lose either. It will take some time probably 🙂

The recipes are easy to follow and I love the way you can click on the menu on the index page and it brings you directly to the recipe. Well done!

– Chantal



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