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I am absolutely thrilled with your book!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled with your book!!!! I’ve read it (ate it!) in one day and in the same evening I already prepared dinner based on your recipes from it. It was guacamole wrapped in spinach leaves. It was just delicious!! Now it is impossible to stop. I just simply have to try all your recipes! My husband adores them as well, go figure. πŸ™‚

I recommended it to one of our friend who has recently been diagnosed with allergy to gluten, lactose, some nuts and also vanilla. Poor girl! In the past I have tried all possible diets already… as I’ve always been overweight, chubby, and curvy; people like to give names to others for their own amusement. Usually, those people are very thin and gorgeous and have perfect teeth. (!) But mostly, they are just mean!

I can’t tell you how wonderfully surprised I was that these foods are not only nutritious but one needs to eat only a small amount of them to be full. And I mean, full. Nothing else.

I’ve literally lost all cravings for supermarket sweets. Perhaps, and only before the period, when the Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome hits, I have some hormonal cravings for sweet things. And guess what? I just took some dried fruits, small amount of nuts and that’s it. THAT’s IT! Somehow this food also reacts differently on my exercises. They speed up the whole process. Exercises I’ve been doing in the past (interval metabolic circuits – 20 to 25 mins) had some good results but not as much as now. It is unbelievable. Now I only spend 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a week and ALL MY CLOTHES ARE TOO BIG!!! …and all this after 2,5 weeks. (Or maybe it’s the moon?)

So now I spend LESS for our food and I have more energy, more alertness, more time and more money on my bank account!!!! If that is not magic I don’t know what is. I also find great tips in your book about Asian algae, plants and other living beings I’ve never heard of. I’m taking Spirulina in my morning smoothies. But the most amusing tip was hemp. I’ve had its poster on my office wall for as long as I can remember – a nice big green Cannabis Sativa that says: “SAVE OUR BRAIN-FORESTS!”. And: “Environ-MENTALLY friendly”. πŸ™‚

So I found the ‘GOOD’ hemp products from the UK and started eating hemp protein, hemp milk with your morning breakfast recipes, hemp seeds on your salads, etc. After telling all my colleagues about it, they seemed a bit perplexed: Is it true? Is this even legal?? Yes, I said. I eat it every day. It’s British. No need to explain this caused roars of laughter in our corridor. Somehow I’ve been given a bit less work since then… (Well, it might be the moon again).

Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for all your video exercises that you’ve sent. Very inspiring! And on top, they are easy and one can do them anywhere! I also bought your Models at Super Nutritious Academy. I can’t wait for Model 2 to arrive. Is there any way to speed up the delivery? As you see, I’m full of energy and eager to learn more. And perhaps this is not just the moon effect. πŸ™‚ Thanks again and to your health,

– Suzana


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