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Eating-for-EnergyThe recipes in eating for energy are fantastic!

Every one that I have tried has become a keeper for repeating in the near future. I have enjoyed them so much Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Dale

Thank you so much for sharing this important information about eating healthy.

Actually, I bought your book to try out the recipes. For many years we already try to eat as much as possible raw foods and our kids love it, especially our 2 oldest daughters of 7 and 10 years old. Our little son of almost 2 years old loves to drink smoothies, especially GREEN smoothies, too crazy..!! Sometimes we need to be inspired again and the recipes are great, not difficult, preparing time isn't too long. We have a lot of other books about raw eating with very complicated recipes inside, which I don't use. With 3 kids I don't have time to stay all day long in the kitchen.

After my pregnancy’s I lost weight very easy just with eating a lot of raw foods, which is also very good for baby’s milk 🙂 ! Eating a lot of greens helps to increase the milk production.

So thank you again. I feel great, with plenty of energy. I even need less sleep, which was always a difficulty for me.

– Isabel

I wanted to let you know how inspired I have been by you and your program Eating for Energy.

I have always been interested in nutrition and the effects certain foods have on me, and have always wanted to go 'raw'! Firstly, your style is down-to-earth, unpretentious and energizing.

Although I haven't finished the book, I read enough to start going 'raw' three weeks ago with confidence, knowing that it was safe and beneficial to my body, mind and soul.

I am a choco-cheese-sugar-holic. Regularly polishing off a bag of chocolate-covered almonds has been a long-term habit for me.  I convinced myself the almonds made it ok! Ha! The lies we tell ourselves!

Since being on your program, the craving for chocolate, cheese, pasta, cakes and breads has disappeared…which is HUGE for me. And it happened within a few days. Conquering these addictions, has been very empowering and beneficial for my health (including more balanced moods).

I love the innovative recipes that are simple to make. Out of curiosity I made your Raw Organic Chocolate after 2 weeks of not having sweets…just as a treat to myself. Oh my…This is goddess food.  And I didn’t feel the need to eat it all. I had some of it and then gave the rest away to some special friends. (My typical pattern is to devour chocolate myself and not share any! At Easter my sons have to hide the chocolate from me!)

Although I haven't measured or weighed myself, my clothes tell me there has been some loss! The greatest benefit to me however, is the general feeling of well-being, more balanced moods and conquering life-long food addictions.

Your advice and coaching through videos and daily emails has added to the value of the program and helped me stay on track.

Thank you again.

– Jenn



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